Addressing and Personalization

Ad-Mail offers a complete range of addressing alternatives to fit your mailer and your budget.

Laser Personalization

Letter quality personalization is ideal for letters with signatures, billing or renewal forms.

Variable Data

Integrates recipients name or other data into the graphic copy, producing a unique document for each recipient. Also can include personalized applications that allow image changes to make them more relevant to particular groups of people.

pURL Marketing

We add a unique personalized URL to your mailpiece which leads recipients to their customized land page -- and you get analytical reporting.


We offer a variety of ink-jet addressing options -- from standard addressing to wide array formatting -- with thousands of true type fonts.


Laser printed address on a clean white label, an economical and traditional addressing method with many applications.


Ad-Mail can machine affix 1-Up, 3-Up or 4-Up TackyBacks or "Piggyback" style labels.